Meet Our Pastor, Rev. Dr. John Forrest Douglas

Rev. Dr. John Forrest Douglas (He/Him) grew up in the church and felt the call to ministry from an early age. He grew up in rural west Tennessee but has since lived in Jackson, Mississippi, The District of Columbia, Long Beach, California, and now Ventura. John Forrest has served as the Pastor of Church of the Foothills since 2019. His ministry in Ventura began just 8 months before the Pandemic forced a change in life and ministry for all of us. John Forrest likes to joke that he "became a televangelist overnight." John Forrest accompanied the church through a season of meeting only virtually. This was a challenge, but forced the church to lean into the necessity for innovation, adaptation, and focus on shared mission.

John Forrest has a love of the arts: theatre, film, poetry, and visual arts all inform his ministry and spirituality. He is an amateur hand weaver-- making sometimes beautiful and sometimes wonky textiles. (It's all about the process, right?) He has a passion for travel, music, baking, podcasts, and learning new things. His diverse interests find their way into John Forrest's sermons and writings. He’s also a student of Mindfulness Meditation and contemplative Christian practices. Rev. Dr. Douglas earned a Bachelor of Arts from Millsaps College, a Master of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from Chicago Theological Seminary. He’s also a trained Certified Professional Coach. Prior to seminary, John Forrest spent multiple years working as a caseworker for individuals experiencing homelessness in suburban Washington, DC. He is a participant in the Next Generation Leadership Initiative of the Pension Boards of the United Church of Christ, a ten-year continuing education program for pastors committed to ministry in the local church.

Each time he sends the congregation forth from worship John Forrest says,

“Go forth with the Love of God that won’t leave you out,
The Love of God that won’t let you go,
and the love of God that won’t let you off the hook for doing good.”

John Forrest believes that the love of God includes all us us and it calls us to get to work creating the world of peace, justice, and generosity for all. It is in this all-encompassing love of God that John Forrest strives to root his ministry. Rev. Douglas lives in Ventura with his husband, Ben and their dog, Remy.

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