Ministry Partner Overview

Collaborate with Schools, Corporations, and other Non-Profits to:

  • Increase education, awareness about chimpanzee behavior, environment and conservation status
  • Nurture young people’s interest and commitment to philanthropic work
  • Build social networks across organizations to increase the sustainability of organizations providing for the care and conservation of chimpanzees

Raise funds for projects supporting the:

  • Long-term health and welfare of captive chimps
  • Emergency situations of chimpanzees and the people caring for them
  • Conservation of chimpanzees in the wild and their natural habitat
  • Community development projects that increase food and income security for people living near populations of wild chimps and/or areas where known human-wildlife conflict has occurred in the past.

COTF has helped to fund several community development projects to improve the health and well-being of poor Africans and to provide educational scholarships.

Friends of Chimps

Step Up Ventura

STEP UP VENTURA provides therapeutic services and access to childcare and preschool for children ages zero to five who are affected by homelessness or are at risk of homelessness.

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Turning Point Foundation

Turning Point Foundation is a local non-profit deeply committed to building a healthier community by offering compassionate and proactive treatment for adults struggling with mental illness.

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