Ministry Partner Overview

RAIN Communities, Inc. (RCI) and the Human Service Agency of the County of Ventura have enjoyed a strong partnership since 2002. RAIN Transitional Living Center is a transformative, nurturing environment for individuals and families that are homeless and struggling with barriers that interfere with daily living. Residents at RAIN are provided with intensive case management services and resources to increase self-sufficiency and independence. RAIN staff and counselors address the complex needs of the adult residents while simultaneously focusing on programs that will address the educational and emotional needs of the children. This multi-prong approach strengthens the bond between parents and their children and helps break the generational cycle of homelessness.

To meet these goals, the County of Ventura provides the physical shelter, case management, intensive program oversight and staff to manage a 24/7 facility. RAIN Communities provides programs that enrich and assist in family bonding, healing and child development. This partnership has resulted in measurable, long-term success stories.

Rain Communities, Inc.

Step Up Ventura

STEP UP VENTURA provides therapeutic services and access to childcare and preschool for children ages zero to five who are affected by homelessness or are at risk of homelessness.

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Turning Point Foundation

Turning Point Foundation is a local non-profit deeply committed to building a healthier community by offering compassionate and proactive treatment for adults struggling with mental illness.

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